A nightly Decoracy Cabaret

Continuing the tradition of the ART vs ART campaign and VOXPOP '85, VOX POP '88 was a series of cabaret evenings and municipal happenings devoted to democracy.

The Cabarets ran from November 8 - 21, 1988 spanning an American Election, a Toronto Municipal Election and a Canadian Federal Election.

In addition to the nightly Cabaret series, VOXPOP '88 featured:

VOTE FLYER CAMPAIGN: Agitprop art to the heart of the issues: public trust, political choice (view-able in side-bar)

WINDOW ON ART Exhibition: 12 artists and 12 downtown entrepreneurs add their voices to the VOTE drive with visions of over-development in Art's city; exhibited in 12 storefronts on Queen Street, From University to Dufferin, November 7 - 14.


During the Municipal Election Campaigns of '82 and '85 hundreds of artists and ideal citizens collaborated with VideoCabaret and the Hummer Sisters to excite the pulse rate of the local body politic. in 1988 the many were joined by more to focus on both the Municipal and Federal Elections (and one South Of The Border too)

The second floor of the Cameron was equipped with a funk-tech TV studio; the tavern was similarly landscaped for video-exhibition and video-performance to allow for the two-way and closed circuit performance hybrids that were VideoCab's trademark.

Over 85 playwrights, poets, musicians, performers, video/film artists, producers, sound and lighting designers, administrators, advocates and none of the above contributed 3-7 minute video and film pieces, readings, songs, poems, dialogues, diatribes and demonstrations of skill and daring.