Featuring The Dreamer Written by Deanne Taylor

VOXPOP Cabaret ran nightly from October 29 - November 12, 1985 at Lee's Palace. Presented by VideoCabaret it featured The Hummers and a rotating menagerie of musical, poetic, and political guests.

VOXPOP continued the tradition established during the HUMMERS' run for Mayor three years earlier. Nightly cabarets populated by the greatest artists in Toronto, combining their voices in a rousing call for Democracy. These evenings were anchored by the Hummer's production of VOXPOP - The Dreamer, a municipal morality play Writen by Deanne Taylor, and an ongoing series of interviews, with semi-celebrity and Hummer Regular, Tom Tube.

VOX - voice, utterance especially human as in speaking, singing
POPULI - people, persons composing community or tribe belonging to a place



voxpop(From left) Jennifer Dean, Janet Burke & Deanne Taylor
Photo by David Hylynsky , 1985

From the 1985 press release:

"This year Art Eggleton is playing The Incumbent, Anne Johnston is playing The Challenger, and THE HUMMER SISTERS are playing The Palace.

Vox Pop Cabaret is an anti-apathy marathon of ART, politics, poetry, architecture, music, dance, food and a broad spectrum of democratic libation. VOX POP CABARET is, with all its heart, lung, and limbic system, an endorsement of the political process…a festival of democracy running nightly from Hallowe'en to Election Night at Lee's Palace.

During a set filled with titillating intellectual bombast, short toe-tapping tunes, and very interesting hats, THE HUMMERS will attempt to answer the musical question "Why Bother" Over the course of each evening, distinguished raconteur and minor media celebrity TOM TUBE will be your video guide - interviewing witty, informed people, and introducing many of Canada's National Treasures.

THE HUMMER SISTERS invite you to make VOX POP CABARET the last stop in your pursuit of editorial truth and deadlines. Join the citizens, candidates, artists and campaign workers in celebrating the democratic process as part of Toronto's biggest Political Party."