VideoCabaret News
Written & Directed by Deanne Taylor

Premiered May 30, 1998 at Factory Theatre.

The VideoCabaret News format evolved from a two-storey installation at Toronto's Cameron Tavern for the Hummer Sisters' Mayoralty campaign (HUMMER FOR MAYOR). The production was so staggeringly difficult and intoxicationgly pleasurable that the core artists reassembled every two or three years to re-invent the form. VideoCabaret News was the ultimate expression of that form.

In a Cabaret environment, wired for television and licensed for alcohol, VideoCabaret offers its audience exclusive access to rumours, lies, denials and confessions, by Jean Chretien, Tony Blair, Prince Charles, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Lucien Bouchard, Daniel Johnson, Jean Charest, Jacques Parizeau, Matthew Coon Come, Brian Mulroney, Mike Harris, Preston Manning, Alexa McDonough and Saddam Quaddafi Castro; PLUS sensational analysis by an international team of hard-hitting fact-finding nitpicking backbiting journalists.

From colourful locations across Canada and around the world, celebrity commentators and notorious politicians are joined by ordinary nobodies to ride the tide of breaking news, and answer the question Is Canada a distinct society?