The Bible
As Told to Karen Ann Quinlan

Written by Deanne Taylor
Music by Andrew Paterson
Additional music by Robert Stewart, Deanne Taylor


The Hummers kneeling in front of a TV wall with Andy Paterson on guitar. Photo by David Hlynsky

Premiered at A Space, (Toronto, November & February 1977), and was subsequently perormed at The Kitchen (New York, April 1978), The Horseshoe Tavern (Toronto, July/August 1979), Vancouver East Cultural Centre (Vancouver, September 1979),
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (Calgary, September 1979) McMaster University (Hamilton, September 1979) and the Institute for Contemporary Art (London, England, October 1979).

The Bible takes place in the main hall of the Royal Academy of Theatre Science where the members of the Heptone Expedition are gathered to present their report on femininity in the Canookie Civilization. Their thesis, which began with the speculation; YOU CAN ONLY FLIRT FOR SO LONG, is demonstrated in a series of flashback experiments and songs.

The Hummers pre-recorded multiple tapes, for multiple onstage monitors, producing images of legs, torsos, heads, bodies lying down, drifting up-right, lying down, a metaphor for media-narcosis. Live images were produced in performance to dramatize confrontations between the live characters and the omnipresent character of the media a.k.a. The Best of Prime time. The Bible is the story of one man’s search for an honest woman, despite himself.