Written and Directed by Deanne Taylor

Second Nature premiered at The Theatre Centre, July 1990, and was remounted at Theatre Passe Muraille, November 1991. Second Nature was published in Theatrum Magazine, and received Dora Mavor Moore Award nominations in the categories of Writing, Performance, Direction, Costumes, Choreography and Lighting.

The Play is located on the disputed borderline between Mind & Body, Spirit & Flesh, Culture & Nature. Here where the body politic is represented by its neural and glandular co-ordinators, two branches of the primal corporation vie to define the meaning of life. Who is the governing body? Who will rulte th estate of mind?

Generation after generation, the power struggle between VOLO, who wields the concept of ‘I’ and acts in the social body, and AUTO, who rules the visceral affairs of the homebody with the first ministers: GUSTA (Agriculture), CARDIA (Circulation), DOC (Health & Defence) and OVARY (Immortality).

AUTO’s and VOLO’s story begins in an older generation, in a distant and perhaps mythical time when human nature was a creature o its bio-culture, and evolves to the present age.