Punc Rok
Written and Directed by
Michael Hollingsworth


Punc Rok premiered at A Space in September, 1977, and was presented by Theatre Passe Muraille. The performance featured an onstage band playing between scenes.

Punc Rok follows The Tramp, a Brechtian joker who finds himself in the homes of two strangers:  The first, a woman of questionable morals and sobriety; the second a man of questionable taste and sexuality.  

In two very similar acts, we see The Tramp swing from aggressor to victim, assisted by a fair bit of alcohol along the way.  At the end of the first act, The Tramp is revealed to be a killer set on strangling The Woman with her own panties. At the end of the second act he is murdered and chopped to bits by The Man. 

Punc Rok explores the collision between classes, and how sexual identity might be shaped by circumstance. The play contains the rich tension and tight dialogue that have become Hollingsworth trademarks.