HUMMER FOR MAYOR (The Political Campaign)
and ART VS. ART (The Zeitgeist)

Written by Deanne Taylor
Conceived and Directed by The Hummer Sisters:
Janet Burke, Jennifer Dean, Deanne Taylor

The Hummer Sisters tossed their name into Toronto’s political ring in 1982 with a well-documented and well-executed campaign called Art Vs. Art and they came in second place with 12,000 votes (10% of the vote). Their major competition was Art Eggleton, who did become the Mayor of Toronto that year.

The Hummers focused their attention on art, rallied and mobilized the artistic troops using a then-newly-popular art form called ‘video art’. Slowly becoming more accessible to the general public, video cameras and commercial grade technology were the media of choice for The Hummer Sisters.

The Hummer Sisters made history with their campaign, which stirred the local zeitgeist with nightly political cabarets that involved hundreds of actors, designers, musicians, artists and art lovers and supporters throughout Toronto. The ground floor of The Cameron and VideoCabaret’s second floor Studio were wired for sound and video so that Tom Tube, hosting from the second floor, could interview his guests in a studio-type setting, while musicians, poets and other artists performed live downstairs.  Two cameras covered the studio, three cruised the main floor stage.

Tapes produced for television by the Hummer ‘Political’ Team, and the ensuing coverage, was worked into the nightly cabaret performances, sometimes hot off the air.