Girls Don't Make Concrete
Lyrics by Deanne Taylor, Music by Hank Bull
Performed by The Hummer Sisters:
Bobbe Besold, Janet Burke, Marien Lewis, Deanne Taylor
with Hank Bull, Kate Craig and Gretchen Perk

Girls Don’t Make Concrete was performed outside the Hummer House in 1975.

The performance, which took place in the vegetable and flower garden of the residence of Besold, Lewis and Taylor, was a creative response to an order from the City of Toronto’s Parks Department to uproot allegedly ‘illegal’ carrots, corn, hollyhocks…more a publicity stunt and political action than a true performance, all the same it is this event that was the birth of the Hummer Sisterhood, which was to become a crucial component of VideoCabaret.

The performance was broadcast on the CBC and City TV evening news. No subsequent threats were heard from City Hall.