Confederation & Riel
Written and Directed by Michael Hollingsworth
The History of the Village of the Small Huts, 1867 - 1885

Confederation & Riel premiered in February, 1988 as a part of the Olympic Arts Festival for the Calgary Olympics. It played at the Arden Theatre in St. Albert AB and The Art Space in Peterborough ON in March, 1988, and again in April, 1988 at Toronto Free Theatre association with The Canadian Stage Company.

The play commences as Sir John A MacDonald and leading power brokers from the various colonial Canadas (hereafter known as the Fathers of Confederation), transcend petty greed in the interest of grandiose greed, and conspire to run British North America as a private company (hereafter known as The Dominion of Canada).

Meanwhile, Louis Riel prepares for the role of "public enemy", "rebel" and "traitor" by being born a Western Canada Metis, educated by priests and free thinkers, reared in the height of the Victorian Empire.

Their stories entwine as Canada's first Prime Minister and Canada's first mega-businessmen rise to the challenge of inventing modern Conflict of Interest (hereafter known as the Canadian Pacific Railway). Under Riel's leadership, Western aspirations (hereafter known as the Rebellion or the National Emergency) provide the excuse for full Ontario-ization of the West, spike by spike, at any cost. Toot, Toot.