City For Sale
Written and Directed by Deanne Taylor

City for Sale premiered at The Cameron House, May 2004.

City for Sale takes place in a lakeside metropolis whose leading citizens have sold-out the public trust and public assets. Among the few treasures still in public hands are a few stretches of waterfront and an island across the bay. City for Sale exposes the behind-the-scenes power-politics during an election year.

The action revolves around a group of City Hall insiders – the city’s foremost fixer Oscar Price, his daughter the pollster Paula Price, and his pal the lobbyist Nick Wolfe – who are consummating a public-private partnership with a global casino resort corporation to develop an island airport and theme park. As well as wining, dining, flattering and bribing City officials (including Chief Commissioner Wendy), our anti-heroes contribute further to public life by politicizing the cops and employing 1/3 of the journalists in town. For insurance, they solicit and launder campaign donations for a majority of councillors.

Pitted against the crony cabal are a Chorus of losers: members of the Island Mummers and the Wet Meadow Society. They are heroes of lost causes whose super-powers reside in their high tolerance for meetings, petitions, by-law language, fecal coliform studies, and more meetings. Championing them are a no-hope Mayoralty candidate Councillor Mac Mackenzie, a whistle-blowing public servant Commissioner Goody and a sure-to-be-fired journalist Fred Donner.

As the election nears, friends and enemies gather for a decisive propaganda battle, joined by kamikaze Candidates, accommodating Cops, lover-boy Lobbyists and broken-hearted City Planners.