Written and Directed by Michael Hollingsworth
The History of the Village of the Small Huts, 1939 - 1945


WWII premiered March-April 1994 at the Theatre Centre.

This is the war story Canadians have been waiting for, the one that begins and ends in Canada, and Humphrey Bogart never shows up





"We're not fighting this war to keep the world free of Nazis, nor to maintain the British Empire...we're fighting to keep the Liberal Party in power.  -Mackenzie King

Prime Minister Mackenzie King, his soothsayer, and his magical dog Pat, preside over Canada's war effort, reminding us of the limits of politics. Serving in the war cabinet are Ernest Lapointe of Quebec, Colonel James Ralston, and C.D. Howe, each with his own campaign and strategy, each with his regional bias or imperial megalomania. Rose the Wrencher and daughter Muffin share the home front.

Rose    "Anything happen today?"
Muffin   "No not really, well, the Mounties came and arrested the neighbours."

The battles of Hong Kong and Dieppe, the invasions of Italy and Normandy, as led by Colonel Maltby, General Andrew MacNaughton, General Henry Crerar, Colonol Hamilton Roberts, Lord Mountbatten, Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery, and as fought by Private Joe and his cohorts, are conjured here as never before. WWII is the mushroom-shaped exclamation point, the atomic button, the scorched-earth penultimation of the History Plays.

"Oh yes yes yes - the Canadians. When they are not bragging they are complaining. I hate them. Just get them in boots, get them in there and we'll see what happens. Who knows, maybe it will work."  -Lord Mountbatten on Dieppe Landing